We are here for you! Our mission is simply to enhance your life and build a supportive vibrant Jewish community. We are proud to be part of the world-wide Chabad Lubavitch movement of over 3500 Chabad Houses around the globe, serving Jewish communities in places as diverse as Beijing, Vietnam, Ghana, Alaska, and more ordinary ones like Kansas City, San Diego and now, Cape Ann. Each emissary couple is dedicated to understanding the unique needs, challenges and strengths of their community and to being a source of Jewish learning, celebration and support.

Chabad is based on several important principles that are the driving force behind everything that we do:

Every Jew is infinitely precious, a valued part of the Jewish people, and intimately connected with the Torah. We are honored to get to know you and help you strengthen your inherent connection to G‑d and our people.

Love, joy optimism and faith are the principles we try to live by, share and infuse into all our classes and programs.

Every mitzvah and good deed has infinite value, and we all grow and integrate Judaism and spirituality at our own individual pace. Each person’s journey is unique. As long as we keep growing, and keep asking questions, we’re doing great!

Judaism is rich and multi-faceted, from ritual observances to holiday celebration, from ethical guidelines to deep mystical philosophy. We are here to help you connect in the way that speaks to you.

We are about Judaism, not affiliation. Members of other organizations and synagogues  are most welcome to participate. There are no membership dues, and all are welcome regardless of financial constraints.

Chabad of Cape Ann is funded locally by supporters who value our work. We receive no funding from New York or any central organization.