Join us for a monthly brunch of B.L.T!

Introducing, Ask the Rabbi, where we will be fielding questions from YOU!

Do you have any questions about anything about Judaism? Now its your time to ask!


Why do we pray? Doesn’t God know what He is doing? Can we really affect His will?
Why do we kindle yurtzeit candles to commemorate the dead?
Why do traditional synagogues have separate seating for men and women?
Why is Israel important to the Jews?
Why does the Bible call for animal sacrifices?
Why ask “Why?”? Isn’t Judaism a belief system?

And any other question you may have!

Submit up to 3 questions in the form below, and we will try to get to them all!


Sponsorships available. If you'd like to sponsor a brunch in honor of a birthday, anniversary, Yahrzeit, etc. simply contact Rabbi Avremi. Suggested sponsorship is $180.